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Atlantzone has been initially designed to be played on the web. But we realised that people equiped with a 56 Kbits modem would sometimes have to wait several seconds before the next screen to be displayed ; which could lead to frustration...

That's why we decided to design an offline version of Atlantzone, playable without any internet connexion. You will find below links to the downloadable version of Atlantzone.

What does this exactly mean ?

Actually, there is no difference between the two versions, except that you'll have to install first a local web server on your computer (which is included in the package). That's all. Instead of querying the Atlantzone web server, you'll query your local one, from your preferred browser. For complete explanations, read the FAQ first.

The full game (50 Mo) Patches

The full game includes both the engine and the six chapters. Be patient, since with a standard 56k modem, it will take you about 3 hours to download this package.

Version 1.0, let's go !

If you only want to update the full game, including the last fixes, then you'd better download the patches:

No patch needed for v1.0

Special patch for Netscape and Mozilla browsers (last update 01/20/04)