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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you facing a technical problem in the game ? If so, read this FAQ first, you will certainly find an answer in this page. However, if you still have a bug, go to the Atlantzone newsgroups and post a message in the Bugs room.

I've setup Atlantzone on my computer and then ?

I prefer to play the offline version of Atlantzone. Everything seemed ok at install stage but nothing happened afterwards. Is there anything else to do ?
Answer : In the Windows task bar, on the bottom-right of your screen, you should have a green graphic sphere. If the sphere color is red, please read the following FAQ. Otherwise, you are ready to play ! Great news, isn't it ? You just have to launch your preferred navigator and enter the following URL http://localhost. If you are then facing a black window, please read the FAQ related to popups. If everything looks good, then you should save your URL in your favorites !

Error when running Atlantzone

I've already installed the offline version of Atlantzone but whenever i run the game, i'm facing an error window. What's going on ?
Answer : Dont' worry, everything is ok. You simply ran Atlantzone twice ! First suppress the web server occurrence which is in red in the taskbar. Right-click on it and choose Exit (and confirm). The red graphic sphere should disappear from the taskbar.

When launching Atlantzone, I've got a black screen

The web server is running (I've got the green graphic sphere in the taskbar), I've launched my navigator, then typed the following URL http//localhost. But the screen becomes all black and nothing else happens.
Answer : Don't you have any tool blocking the popups, such as the google bar or Norton Anti-Virus? Actually, your navigator has blocked the popup window in which Atlantzone is running. You therefore have to disable your tool first, and then reload the Atlantzone URL.

What about saving games ?

When playing Atlantzone, I would appreciate to save my game. I saw such a SAVE graphic on some screens but how does this work?
Answer : Be confident, Atlantzone DOES support saves. All the actions you're doing are stored in memory. And you can save your current game at any time you want, not only when encountering a SAVE graphic. Just be aware that games are saved as cookies. So don't delete your cookies, otherwise you would lose your saved games.

I'm playing the online version of Atlantzone but it's very slow !

I'm playing the online version but downloading delays are so long.... What can I do to improve this ?
Reponse : You've got two solutions : if you absolutely want to play the game online, then you can try to set music and dialogs level to 0. This will avoid you downloading mp3 files, which actually are sometimes big. But be sure NOT to set the noises level to 0 : they can give you hints...

If you absolutely want to play with sound track and original voices, we recommend you that to play the offline version of the game. Go to the download page and follow instructions.

Textual dialogs look odd...

I decided to set dialogs loudness to 0 (textual dialogs only) but when talking to a character, some answers look odd.
Answer : That's probably because you clicked too quickly on the character. When a dialog starts, you should always click ON the displayed text popup (after reading it!) until the end of the current dialog. When finished (and only when finished), you can proceed by clicking again on the character to start the next dialog.