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Atlantzone couldn't have been released without all the people who helped us during the game development. We want here to thank them all.

For the english version of the game, very special thanks to Patrick who really offered us a great translation of all the dialogues and texts.

Photographs Co-Writers
Caro, Manon, Sophie and Yves are the main photographers.

Babou and Yves found and gave us missing items from the web.

Béa found the idea of the old TV screen.
The original idea comes from Meg, Annie and JPP Caro wrote the basic story and Babou developped the screenplay, chapter by chapter.

Jean-Louis gave us the original texts of the heirs' Books.

Thanks to Annie, Babou, Caro, Guylène, Lise, Sam, Sophie and Yves for all the puzzles.
Voices Actors

- Christophe (Séraphin)
- Yves (Rodrigue)
- Jean-Pierre (Onesime's warden)
- Sophie (Rodrigue's secretary)
- Babou (Philemon's neighbour)
- Magali (Pétronille)
- Sam (Gatekeeping Sister)
- Caro (Mother Superior)
- Jean-Louis (Onésime)
- Sophie (Artémise)
- Francois (Philémon)
- Christou (Cunégonde)
- Didier (Sigismond)

- Vincent (Rodrigue)
- Pascale (Rodrigue's secretary)
- Grelot (Séraphin's white dog)
- Pastille (Séraphin's black dog)
- Sylvain (Séraphin)
- Pati (Philemon's neighbour)
- Nono (Onesime's warden)
- Jean-Luc (warden's dog)
- Christou (Pétronille)
- Janine (Mother Superior)
- Yves (Arthur)
- Alain (Philémon)
- Steph (Onésime)
- Véro (Artémise)
- Eillen (Cunégonde)
- Didier (Sigismond)

Finally thanks to...

... Sam and Yves for the banner.
… Caro for the logo : the zebrane, our mythic animal !
… all the people who couldn't wait to play the game, especially Brigitte, Françoise and Guy.
… Me Carayon, notary in Riez, who allowed us to photograph his office (Rodrigue).
... Laurent and Armelle (Canches)
... Caro and André (Onésime).
… the toyshop "Jouets en bois" from Riez, Sophie and Yves (Philémon)
… Sophie, Caro and Kriss for the decor of Cunégonde.
… Michel Pourteyron, the real painter, who kindly accepted our visit in his studio!
… the old lady "Pijot 203" belonging to Yves! Don't ever dream, it is NOt for sale!

and Manu, the great webmaster of Atlantis Amerzone et compagnie !