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The team has faced a few little storms and actually lost some members during these 14 months. That's quite normal since we never met. Just imagine working nearly every day with somebody you never saw before! All the stuff has been done on the internet (web site), and all the communications by email and chats.

Here are presented the members who participated in this project from the beginning to the end. All the others who helped us at some point of the project are listed in the Thanks page...

So, let us first present the dream team (le trio Esperanza) : Babou + Caro + Yves, who actually closely work together, with mutual respect.

Babou, script writer Caro, pictures Yves, coding

High skills in writing both pretty dialogues and creating characters behaviors

Queen of image processing, always looking for the best lightings and colors...

King of the bug, webmaster and sounds-mixing chief...

Sophie, Sam, Manon, Magali, Guylène, tests Edouard, music


Sophie : always happy and encouraging us.
S@m : the best at tracking the bug.
Manon : sometimes lost but never discouraged.
Magali : the youngest!
Guylène : who also helped on sounds.


Thanks a lot to Edouard who gave us really great sound tracks, far from the very first "noises" we all listened to on our old 80's machines.