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Welcome to Atlantzone !

Atlantzone is an adventure game, designed by a group of myst-like games addicts (Myst, The Longest Journey, Tex Murphy and Zork series). The project started in September 2002, and it took us about fourteen months to make it playable on the web.

Atlantzone is only meant to give you a great time... It is absolutely free of charge and without any adverts (but not bug-free guaranted ).

Enjoy and have fun !

20/12/2009 : now discover Amertis, the "sequel" of Atlantzone


How did we choose Atlantzone The team

A few words about the name...

Do you know AAC ? No, really ? Ok, first you have to know that the whole team initially met each other on a web site, designed to help people playing adventure games : Atlantis Amerzone et Compagnie.

That's the reason why we chose AtlantZone...

It may not be the best name but it cannot be worse than CompAntis, AmerGnie, ComperZone and others Amertis !

It may come as a surprise to you that most of the team members are girls! Exactly 7 girls and (only) 2 boys.

If you want to know more about the team, just take a look here.